PCR Laboratory Builds & Start Up Lab Consulting

As a full-service PCR laboratory consulting company DoubleHelix Specialists has proudly served clients across the country. Specializing in new PCR laboratory builds or PCR expansions, our lab consulting team is made up of business, medical, technical, and advisory experts. Our team has over 50 years of combined PCR experience

Whether you are building a new startup laboratory or are looking to expand testing and add RT PCR testing to an existing lab, our industry-trusted lab consulting team will guide you through every step of the process. From CLIA applications and initial planning to compliance, information systems and inspections, we offer a wide range of services to help meet the needs of our clients.

Having served numerous companies across the USA, from general PCR labs to Covid 19 Labs, we will work to fast-track your project and help it succeed.

Consult. Source. Supply. Support.


We provide help with medical laboratory license submission as needed. We can build your molecular Covid laboratory from the ground up.


Our company can supply all equipment, including real-time PCR machines and will provide training to staff.


Our production capability is immense. We can provide 100,000 or more of our proprietary molecular Covid test assays in a single order.


Ongoing support through all aspects of molecular testing, compliance and supplies.


Our laboratory consulting and advisory services cover the following areas:

→ Overall Laboratory Strategy
→ Complex Issues
→ IT Optimization
→ Compliance & Regulations
→ Equipment Advising
→ Systems Optimization
→ Operational Optimization
→ Inspections
→ Laboratory Planning
→ LIS Advice


Our PCR laboratory consulting and advisory services cover the following markets:

→ Health Systems
→ Clinical Laboratories
→ Urgent Care Practices
→ Pathology Groups
→ Community Hospitals
→ Healthcare Purchasers
→ Physician Group Practices
→ Reference Laboratories