Fast. Simple. Accurate.

No-Extraction Molecular Covid Reagents

& Turnkey Lab Setups

Fast. Simple. Accurate.

No-Extraction Molecular Covid Reagents & Turnkey Lab Setups

Do 1000s of PCR Covid Tests/ Day

High-Volume Molecular / PCR Covid Testing Solution

Turnkey RT PCR Lab Setup:  We provide reagents, equipment, training, validation support.

No sourcing needed:  ALL items included in per-test pricing (swab, plastics, solutions, reagent mixture).

Easy Covid Plates:  No extraction. Premixed plates. Sample to result in 1.5 hr.

High-throughput PCR:  752 samples in eight runs on one RT PCR machine.  (Add more machines for increased capacity.)

RT-PCR machines: The PLATINUM standard for Covid testing.

→ We can handle orders for 100,000 tests or more and we have real-time PCR machines in stock.


RT-PCR Machine


Samples per Run (1.5 Hours)


Samples per Day ( 8 Runs - 12 hours)

Fast. Simple. Accurate.  PCR Labs with all items included.

  • Saline Swab

    Use the provided saline swab to collect your sample.

  • Mix & Heat

    Mix sample with the solution. Heat for 5 minutes.

  • Add to plate

    Add heated sample directly to the premixed mixture in 96-well plate.

  • PCR Lab Biorad setup
    Load to PCR machine

    Load PCR plate into the RT-PCR machine (94 samples per run).

  • Run & Review

    1 hour run time RT-PCR reaction (not isothermal). Review data.

Who We Serve

Urgent Care Chains

Double Helix Specialists can help you set up a central clinical lab to run all your molecular Covid samples.

Hospital Systems

Decrease turnaround time by running all your molecular Covid testing onsite.

Health Systems

Let us help your health system, with 100s of providers, perform molecular Covid testing through your own laboratory.


Tired of paying high prices to reference laboratories to run your RT PCR Covid tests? Let us help you set up your own laboratory.


Are you a large employer with 1000s of employees? We can help you build your own molecular RT PCR Covid testing laboratory for your employees.

Reference Laboratories

Having difficulty obtaining testing supplies for molecular Covid testing? We can help.

Our PCR Laboratory Setup Work